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Having a good Talent Sourcer on your team can inject valuable candidates into your recruiting pipeline. Here are five key indicators that point towards a "good" Talent Sourcer, one who can be successful for your organization.

1. They recommend new ways to find talent for your open positions

A good Talent Sourcer knows of, and uses dozens, if not hundreds of sources and tools to find the ideal candidates for your open positions. They'll bring new ideas to the table. They'll customize searches, especially for those hard-to-find candidates. They'll create a search library for positions you need to fill regularly so you can keep your candidate pipeline full. They'll also recommend new processes to speed up your candidate search.

2. They'll ask to speak to your organization's key players

Your Talent Sourcer wants to build the best profile they can to get qualified candidates into your pipeline. After all, the profile is what they use to weed through online resumes, LinkedIn profiles, Google pages and more to fill that pipeline quickly and easily. Talking to the right

According to its own statistics, Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users as of October 31st, 2016. That means that nearly a quarter of the people on this planet use Facebook at least once a month.

Somewhere out there, in the mass of information and cat videos that is Facebook, are your perfect candidates. The real question is: How do you find them?

There are two basic ways to go about this. The first is to get them to come to you. The second is to go to them. Here are some ideas you can use to do both.

Getting the Candidates to Come to You

1. Have Your Own Careers Page

It's surprising how many companies (of all sizes) don't do this. And you should, especially if you're part of a larger company. Facebook posts about new positions can get lost in the

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The Sourcer's Playbook

181-Page Guide Filled With "Play-By-Play" Tutorials

Open communication between your recruiters and talent sourcers is a must. Whether your talent sourcer works in-house or you've contracted with a talent sourcing agency, everyone should work as a team. Otherwise you may not get the results you want from your hiring process.

Here are 6 simple ways to build a healthy working relationship between your talent sourcing team and recruiting team.

1. Share Knowledge and Training

Encourage both ends of your talent pipeline to share information with each other. Especially knowledge about each team's function and individual positions on each team. That will make it easier for someone who needs information to go to the right person.

Give everyone the same tools. If you're offering a training session for the recruiters, invite the talent sourcers, and vice versa. Encourage members of both departments to run training

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Geoff Peterson

Chief Sourcer at Sourcing Supply. Author of The Sourcer's Playbook. Recruiting & HR Industry Speaker.

Geoff Peterson

Chief Sourcer at Sourcing Supply. Author of The Sourcer's Playbook. Recruiting & HR Industry Speaker.

Geoff Peterson

Chief Sourcer at Sourcing Supply. Author of The Sourcer's Playbook. Recruiting & HR Industry Speaker.