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Sourcing Supply finds, engages and screens hidden talent you're missing using our powerful, proprietary sourcing solutions. We're available on-demand for projects of any size, scope, duration and location.

The Industry's Most Advanced Talent Sourcing Solutions, Delivered With Flexibility


We offer talent sourcing resources and teams monthly or per project. Our solutions build talent pipelines for individual positions, screen high volume candidates for large hiring ramps, and implement strategic programs with social media, mobile and search engines.      


Talent Sourcing

Individual or team approach. Advanced search across 2,000+ web sources. Fully screened and vetted candidates with resumes and submittal forms. Candidate engagement in social, mobile platforms. Real-time sourcing activity via an online portal. Advanced sourcing reports.

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Name Generation

Dedicated sourcing team. Advanced search across 2,000+ web sources. Targeted names and custom lists. Company directories and organizational charts. Access to monthly sourcing training workshops. Sourcing reports with candidate market analysis.

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Sourcing Operations

Project Manager overseeing 3rd party vendor needs. Knowledge bank, expertise of 2,000+ web sources. Vendor selection across websites, tools, technologies. Negotiation with vendors for best pricing and fit. Implementation of new sources for teams, individuals. Advanced training and best practices. Vendor management for life of contracts.

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Program Development

Sourcing leadership over entire programs. Evaluate resources, processes, systems. Review, analyze and design custom solutions. Plan and execute processes with internal partners. Find, hire, train and ramp-up sourcing teams. Provide detailed reports and internal analysis. On-going management of sourcing teams.

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A Value Proposition You Won't Find Anywhere Else


With experienced talent sourcing professionals such as Geoff Peterson, Sourcing Supply's team accumulates more than 200 years of sourcing experience and has authored books including The Sourcer's Playbook. Hire us and get a world-class talent sourcing team in your corner.

Unparalleled Search

We built a proprietary sourcing playbook built from 1,000's of open web destinations to fuel your candidate pipeline and fill positions.

Advanced Technology

Research tools, data tools, browser extensions and search alternatives, enabling our team to identify, screen and vet top, qualified talent.

Abundant Sources

Access to niche sites, networks, groups, search engines and guilds. Destinations typically untouched or not accessible by most recruiters.

Data Ownership

With each project, you receive ownership of all data uncovered, including resumes, profiles, names, directories and org charts.

Market Analysis

Full picture of the candidate market through competitor research, candidate supply numbers, market salaries and historical hiring.

Sourcing Workshops

Free monthly trainings, workshops and exclusive content through our unique sourcing school, with live searches and hands-on activities.

Online Collaboration

We work with your team in real time through an online portal, giving you sourcing activity updates and knowledge of sources utilized.

Candidate Engagement

Reaching active and passive candidates through multiple channels including cold calling, social media and mobile recruiting.

Scalable Resources

Increase and decrease your resources and team without the hassle of long-term contracts, employee costs and benefits.

A flexible, scalable, cost-effective talent sourcing provider is much needed in today's market. Having experienced and dedicated sourcing professionals working alongside your recruiting team is invaluable for screening and qualifying candidates across both challenging and high-volume positions.


Jason Buss, Founder, Minnesota Recruiters, Oregon Recruiters, Wisconsin Recruiters

Sourcing Supply has helped us hire for several key positions. They identified and screened candidates for our positions with little to no applicants in a short period of time. Their sourcing team is knowledgeable, experienced and has found talent we wouldn't have otherwise.


Michael Goldberg, Director Talent Acquisition, American Heart Association

We needed an additional layer of talent sourcing support across our recruiting group. The team at Sourcing Supply developed several large technical talent pipelines for us from sources we weren't utilizing, and helped us save significant candidate search time.


Krista Harris, Recruiting Leader, Capgemini


Talent Sourcing for Every Business and Function


Our clients use us for hiring ramps in sales and software engineering, to build proactive candidate pipelines of CPA's and nurses, to gain coverage from alternative sources they aren't using including Google, for support on high volume requisition loads, and to find candidates for hard-to-fill positions with specialized skills.

We Uncover 100M+ Open Web Candidates Your Team is Missing

Our team accesses a wealth of sources for your talent sourcing needs including search engines, social networks, business networks, online user groups, alumni networks, name search sites, classifieds, the blogosphere, diversity sites, associations, universities, technology councils, video channels, listserves, industry events and news sites.




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Call Sales: (888) 767-4655


Your #1 Talent Sourcing Agency

Sourcing Supply finds, engages and screens hidden talent you're missing using our powerful, proprietary sourcing solutions. We're available on-demand for projects of any size, scope, duration and‍‍‍ location.



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Organizational charts

Company directories

New technology selection

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Negotiation for pricing and fit

Vendor management

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Evaluate processes, systems

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Sourcing Operations

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