5 Indications Your Talent Sourcer Knows What They're Doing




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Having a good Talent Sourcer on your team can inject valuable candidates into your recruiting pipeline. Here are five key indicators that point towards a "good" Talent Sourcer, one who can be successful for your organization.

1. They recommend new ways to find talent for your open positions

A good Talent Sourcer knows of, and uses dozens, if not hundreds of sources and tools to find the ideal candidates for your open positions. They'll bring new ideas to the table. They'll customize searches, especially for those hard-to-find candidates. They'll create a search library for positions you need to fill regularly so you can keep your candidate pipeline full. They'll also recommend new processes to speed up your candidate search.

2. They'll ask to speak to your organization's key players

Your Talent Sourcer wants to build the best profile they can to get qualified candidates into your pipeline. After all, the profile is what they use to weed through online resumes, LinkedIn profiles, Google pages and more to fill that pipeline quickly and easily. Talking to the right people can save a lot of time and give your sourcer the best information to work with.

3. They'll report on their results without prompting

Your Talent Sourcer knows you want results. But a good Talent Sourcer wants you to see those results in real time, not just at the end of the project. Weekly reports are a great idea. It shows regular progress and it builds trust and rapport between your team and theirs. Our company checks in with our clients daily, and we let them see their results as they come in, so recruiters can get to the best candidates, fast.

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4. They'll have training or mentoring experience

There is a school of thought that says the best way to learn a skill is to teach it to others. You know you are working with a good sourcer if he or she has:

  • Led training sessions on sourcing for your company, or other companies.
  • Mentored others within and organization.
  • Spoken about sourcing at professional industry events.

5. They'll have repeat clients or projects

If a Talent Sourcer has worked with a company on several different projects, hire them. Repeat business shows that they're reliable and understand how to give value to their customers.

If a Talent Sourcer has found candidates for hard-to-fill positions numerous times, definitely hire them. It never hurts to have a miracle worked in your pocket.

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